Program Mandate

  • to provide a nurturing and educative environment that fosters the mind and spirit;
  • to create a democratic, safe and secure social environment that encourages cooperation, sharing and respect for the similarities and differences of others;
  • to enhance your child's world through storytelling, imaginative play, gross physical activity (indoor and outdoor), creative expression and personal, academic excellence;
  • to allow each child to learn through self-discovery and exploration;
  • to provide age appropriate rest periods to rejuvenate the mind, spirit and body;
  • to enhance each child's program through reporting to parent mechanisms - bi-annual report cards, phone calls home as needed, daily connections, newsletters and e-mails;
  • to cultivate community connections in order to service the distinct needs of each child and his/her family;
  • to use positive discipline authoritatively as a means to foster each child's sense of behavioural self-awareness and self-regulation;
  • to encourage the relationships amongst parent, child and teachers;
  • to provide an on-going, enriched learning environment and community connections for our faculty to ensure the quality of Kendellhurst programming;
  • to instill a life-long respect and love for learning at a child's most critical stage of development.

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