Our Philosophy

The Kendellhurst philosophy of “nurturing the preschooler's mind and spirit ” is of utmost importance every moment of the day. Our school is committed to a curriculum that encourages both cognitive and creative growth. Since each day invites new experiences and knowledge, our teachers present the best opportunities for your child to learn about his or her world. Though we structure the daily planner for each class, our teachers understand the fact that every child has a different learning curve. Fittingly, the duty of the teacher is to facilitate individual learning at all times. Young people have an inherent need to acquire knowledge which is especially pronounced during the preschool years. Kendellhurst provides a safe, positive, nurturing environment so your child can become his or her best. Moreover, by speaking, acting and being gentle toward your child, we instill values which he or she will reciprocate to the world. Since every child must learn to cope in the complex world, we offer a strong foundation built on positive self-esteem, knowledge and experiences. We look forward to giving you a tour of our facility, and answering any questions you may have regarding school life.

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