We couldn't believe it! Had we finally found a safe, clean and caring learning environment for our 3 year old pride and joy? After what seemed like an eternity of researching and visiting preschools in the Streetsville neighbourhood, walking into Kendellhurst Academy felt like a breath of fresh air! From the bright and cheery, yet warm and cozy atmosphere, to the hand painted scenic walls and the classics of Beethoven softly playing in the background, to the nutritious, organic content lunch menu, we knew we had found the 'home away from home' for our little guy. Three years later, we are very thankful and proud to acknowledge the huge impact and positive influence that Kendellhurst Academy has had on our now 6 year old son, who by the way is reading and writing sentences well beyond his grade level. Taught by exceptional teachers, the dynamic learning programs that are infused with enriched lessons have proven to far exceed the required expectations. Regardless of what classroom your child enters throughout the day, there awaits a gentle, kind and fun loving teacher who adores them. They blend fun and learning together to keep students actively engaged, while instilling in each one a genuine desire to learn. As a parent, it means so much to know that you are sending your child off every day to a place where they are happy and excited to be. Thank you Kendellhurst Academy for being a part of our family, for everything you have done and continue to do for our son and in turn, us.
Parents, Mara & Manny

Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT Teacher) & General Contractor

As a mother of two children in Kendellhurst Academy, I am very pleased with every aspect of the facility. As a teacher, I was concerned with finding a school which would demonstrate a balance of cognitive skills and creative play. I researched and visited several schools and knew my search was complete when I visited Kendellhurst. The clean and welcoming environment, positive discipline philosophy and nurturing and caring teachers made this school our first choice. Kendellhurst Academy has offered my children a challenging and authentic program, rich with meaningful, child-centered tasks and learning opportunities. The safe environment at Kendellhurst has allowed my children to take risks and maximize their potential socially, creatively and academically. I have recommended Kendellhurst Academy to many of my friends and fellow community members as I wholeheartedly believe that it is a phenomenal school. All the Kendellhurst staff go above and beyond giving you detailed accounts of your child's day and immediately address any concerns in a tactful and professional way. As a parent, you get the feeling that your child's teacher genuinely cares and loves your child as you do.
Parent Keri

Middle School SERT, M. Ed, Ph. D. (Candidate)

We are very impressed with the program at Kendellhurst Academy. The teachers are very dedicated and caring. Our son loves going to school! We have not hesitated referring friends to Kendellhurst Academy, confident that their child will be well cared for, nurtured and educated!
Parents, Jane & Paul

Paediatrician & ER Physician

We wanted to choose a friendly environment for our daughter and not feel that she was just a number in a class. After touring almost every preschool in Oakville, we chose Kendellhurst Academy. We were impressed with the curriculum, the very clean environment, the healthy food choices and friendly atmosphere. Communication was also at the top of our list. All the teachers are friendly, communicative and focussed on each child's learning and overall well-being. We strongly recommend this school for any parent who wants to invest not only in first-rate education, but also in the overall positive environment of Kendellhurst Academy for his/her child.
Parent Janis

Project Coordinator, Architecture

Kendellhurst Academy is an extraordinary school and we wish Kendellhurst Academy continued growth and success for every teacher and child that has the privilege to attend this wonderful school.
Parents Jacqueline and Scott

Account Manager & IT Consultant

We were extremely satisfied with the early academic education and socialization both our sons received from Kendellhurst Academy. Our relationship with Kendellhurst began shortly after Kendellhurst opened when we enrolled our eldest son, now ten, in the Senior (Preschool) Classroom at age three. We followed with the enrolment our second son, now eight, in the Junior (Toddler) Classroom. I had decided to stay home with my children until then, as I was frustrated in our inability to find excellent childcare in Mississauga until I discovered Kendellhurst Academy. Kendellhurst provided both our children with a wonderful preschool experience, balancing educational activities, creative play and important socialization with peers. Kendellhurst also provided caring, supportive teachers, easy to talk with from both the child and parent's perspective, creative play indoors and out, fun craft activities, informative field trips to local venues and a wonderful group of children many of which we are still in contact with today, all within a clean, bright and healthy facility! Kendellhurst is truly “a nurturing of the preschooler's mind and spirit” experience, and we, as parents, were relieved to discover an exemplary program which places the child first and delivers what it promises. Thanks Kendellhurst for the great years!
Parents, Katherine & Viggen

Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) & Entrepreneur

Our preschool search ended once we found Kendellhurst Academy! From the first day we walked in, we knew that our children would receive a one-of-a-kind education. Your amazing teachers do such great work with the children by ensuring every child is reaching her/his fullest potential and more! What we enjoy most about Kendellhurst is how the curriculum focuses on the child, making it fun and exciting while also instilling within them a love of learning. Our youngest daughter truly enjoyed participating in your salmon release program! She thrived on the hands-on experience while also becoming informed and aware of the importance of wildlife preservation and eco-systems management. This definitely was a one-of-a-kind experience for her! A learning experience such as this shows how Kendellhurst defines itself as a school above others. Thank you to the teaching faculty and administrators for all your daily hard work!
Parents, Nadia & Rob

Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) & Business Operations Manager

Kendellhurst Academy was our first choice in private schooling as we were very impressed by the school the day we walked in, and Kendellhurst came highly recommended by family and friends whose children attend. From the get go, we noticed it was a clean and welcoming environment. Kendellhurst Academy is a structured yet homey and friendly school, enabling our son to be independent and confident with high self-esteem and self-worth. We feel the curriculum and teachers prepare our child for each step in his educational journey. We are taken by surprise when our son comes home and tells us about his day, what he did and learned! His demeanour is telling about his attitude towards school! The teachers are very approachable, nurturing and have a wonderful, gentle way of teaching the children. We have referred many friends and family to Kendellhurst with most of them on the waiting list!
Parents, Roshni & Mitten

Stay-at-Home Mom & Systems Administrator Specialist

What we like most about Kendellhurst is the incredible teachers and the curriculum that has prepared our child for her next steps. Kendellhurst is more than just a great school; it provides a real sense of family. The teachers/staff are extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring towards the children of Kendellhurst. We definitely recommend Kendellhurst Academy!
Parents, Leigh-Ann & Jamie

Account Manager & CFO

Testimonial from a family who moved to British Colombia: We definitely miss Kendellhurst and all the staff and friends. Boy, were we spoiled at Kendellhurst! It was so difficult to find a something here because everything failed miserably in comparison to Kendellhurst. I finally settled on what I thought was our best option!
Parent, Patti-Anne


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