Core Values Mandate

At Kendellhurst Academy we believe in building a nurturing and supportive community environment for our children, families and faculty to enjoy on a daily basis. By engaging the mandates below, we support a climate of school and community citizenship. A citizenship dedicated to personal, social and global welfare, and a way of being that nurtures our students' minds and spirits.

  • to provide an educative environment that nurtures the mind and spirit
  • to enhance your child's world through personal, academic excellence, creative expression (visual arts, dramatic arts), physical activity and positive interpersonal connections
  • to provide subject specific learning (Language Arts and Vocabulary, Mathematics, Advanced Certificate French Language Program, Science and Environmental Studies, Social Studies and Communications, Geography, Computers and Technology, Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts: performance, dance, music, and Physical Education) with interdisciplinary connections
  • to provide an enriched, meaningful version of the Ontario Curriculum, integrating student centered and teacher facilitated learning opportunities
  • to use critical thinking to navigate the learning process
  • to cultivate democratic citizenship in day-to-day interactions
  • to engage the arts through classroom curriculum
  • to create a social environment that encourages cooperation, sharing and respect for the similarities and differences of others
  • to foster global citizenship, social responsibility and an altruistic spirit
  • to promote environmental consciousness as an integral part of human life
  • to allow each child to grow through self-evaluation and exploration
  • to promote a bully free environment where children feel safe, secure and content
  • to encourage the relationship between parents, students and teachers
  • to involve parents in a vibrant and active school community
  • to instill a life-long respect and love for learning at a child's most critical stage of development

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