Curriculum Overview


We offer a specialized, enhanced curriculum allowing students to study material that is often one grade ahead of their chronological grade level. Our small class ratios, high standards of academic instruction and distinct school pedagogy set the stage for your child's success. From preschool to Junior Kindergarten onwards our programming employs a strong academic and inquiry approach. At the end of Kindergarten, our program has covered the JK, SK and most of the grade one curriculum as outlined by the Ministry of Education. This forethought allows students to begin our advanced Grade 1 curriculum when they enter our grade school division. We keep in mind the Ministry of Education's outcomes while offering an enriched curriculum far exceeding public school standards and expectations.

Our age appropriate curriculum covers Language Arts and Vocabulary, Mathematics, Science and Environmental Studies, French, Social Studies and Communications, Computer Technology, The Arts (visual, music and dramatic � performance and dance) and Physical Education. Moreover, we offer your child an educational experience based on critical thinking, democratic citizenship and social responsibility.

The early and primary years are known to be the most important years for brain wiring. Recent research in early years schooling and learning from the Fraser Institute finds that children nourished in an enriched educational environment far exceed their peer groups later in adulthood. Giving your child exposure to our enriched preschool and primary years' educational environment, where we nurture the mind and spirit of our student's in a positive, fun and small community environment, will give your child an added advantage as they move forward in schooling. Setting up a positive attitude to learning is essential in academic success. Our curriculum is a well thought out plan with a focus on your child's creativity, intelligence and personal excellence in mind. Our school motto of nurturing the student's mind and spirit guides our approach to learning and defines our school community.

Progress Reports

We provide progress reports for parents per semester, September to December, January to March and April to June. Reports focus on the child as an individual. Our progress reports are comprehensive and thorough allowing you to see at a glance your child's performance and success. In addition to our teacher-parent conference evenings (two per year), please feel free to set an appointment with your child's teacher to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your child's progress, or to discuss areas of achievement you wish us to explore further with your child in the classroom. If our teachers have any concerns regarding your child's progress, they will call you to discuss a plan of action. Regardless, every second month teachers call parents with updates on their child's academic progress. Reports cards coupled with a good teacher-parent relationship will result in positive outcomes for your child's learning experience.

Language Arts and Vocabulary

Kendellhurst takes an inquiry approach to the acquisition of language. From the oral art of storytelling to the formal use of text books and cahiers for writing, we treat language as an on-going part of your child's day. Teachers use active listening to encourage children to develop their oral skills in subjects that uniquely interest them. From listening to stories with question and answer periods, discussing themes and life events in class, and engaging lessons from our language arts series, our daily curriculum fosters each student's language development. Our language program has distinct components such as oral and listening skills, vocabulary development, spelling quizzes, reading comprehension, writing practice (printing and cursive), grammar and expository, creative and narrative writing. These core values will build a solid foundation for language development.

Traditional methodologies of weekly spelling quizzes and journal writing will also allow your child to acquire language in a steadfast and personally challenging way. Kendellhurst offers printing and cursive programs encouraging the development of fine motor writing skills throughout the early years. Personal choice novels coupled with our daily reading journals help develop a love of reading within your child. We encourage the continuum between school and home, and ask parents to be a part of our reading and spelling programs.


Sequential understanding of the world is a part of day-to-day existence. Kendellhurst works on the quantitative and qualitative understanding of numbers. At the beginnings of brain wiring, children should relate to numbers with a clear understanding of value. We also offer traditional methodologies of understanding mathematics as well as mathematics with language and problem solving. In our math program, old and new methodologies are fused to equal success for your child. Weekly math quizzes develop a strong foundation for student's to build throughout their years at Kendellhurst.

Science and Environmental Studies

We offer a hands-on curriculum that inspires curiousity and interest through a variety of curricular strands relating to science and environmental studies: knowing the precautionary safety measures required for scientific investigation, discovering science as a unique way of knowing, understanding and applying appropriate science concepts, principles, laws and theories in interacting with our immediate lives, environment and society, solving problems, making decisions and furthering one's understanding through scientific methodologies, developing a variety of manipulative skills associated with science with a focus on measurement, interacting with the various aspects of society and the environment in ways that are consistent with the values that underlie science, reflecting on the impact of science on our immediate lives, the environment and our society, developing a view of society and the environment as a result of science education and continuing to extend this interest and attitude throughout life. Each year, from kindergarten to grade eight, has defined thematic units underpinning scientific discovery, allowing teachers to engage young minds with interest, curiousity and wonder. Our grade 6-8 program is taught by a subject specific teacher. We have many local field trips to complement the curriculum strands.

Advanced French Language Program

Kendellhurst Academy offers a strong Advanced French language program based on student and activity based learning opportunities. The purpose of our program is to develop Kindergarten and grades 1 to 8 students' skills in reading, writing and oral communication in French language. Our program moves beyond the Ontario provincial curriculum by implementing Advanced French Language Program (AFLP) in Preschool, Kindergarten and grades 1 to 8, cultivating early French academic and social experiences, as well as marketable second language skills. We accept all grade level students with Core French background who are interested in developing academic and social skills in French language! Though we do not have entrance requirements for our AFLP, we have indicators of success which include a positive attitude toward French language and culture and a desire to learn en francais!

Our curriculum and learning plan allows students to easily slip into a grade 9 and 10 Extended French program, desirable for students/families leaving us after grade 8. Please note: Kendellhurst also grants a Certificate of Advanced French Language after successful completion of our program.

Through guided, independent and group learning situations, students engage French language acquisition as a fun, interactive and enjoyable experience. Our AFLP is developed, fine-tuned and taught by our on staff fluent and Ontario Certified French Teacher. She is qualified in primary and intermediate divisions. With expertise and experience, Madame Pommier embraces second language acquisition as a student centered subject area, evolving curriculum with an intense focus on the needs of our students. Monthly themes guide the curriculum and expand on students' immediate and concrete worlds. Each monthly theme is broken down into weekly units with textbook materials, reading books, cahiers, worksheets, electronically based media forms and computer technology complementing the curriculum. Our bilingual reading program begins in grade one.

Preschool, Kindergarten focus on whole language acquisition while Grades 1to 8 go further into mastering French language with both written and spoken comprehension. Our Preschool and Kindergarten programs consist of daily French language circle activities for twenty to thirty minutes, building a repertoire of songs, vocabulary and simple conversations. Everyday students do the weather, calendar and sing O'Canada and many French songs. Each Kindergarten classroom also includes a French language listening centre. For Grades 1 to 8, the daily AFLP curriculum lessons are in-depth including cahier and workbook time with a greater emphasis on oral and pencil-to-paper activities. High frequency items such as numbers, classroom expressions, colours and greetings are incorporated into the routine and daily activities of the classrooms. Through vocabulary, grammatical constructs, literature and conversations, students engage French as whole language acquisition. Keeping in mind global citizenship, French society and culture are also brought into the spotlight, building a sensitivity and understanding of Francophone societies within Canada and around the world.

The aim of the AFLP is to develop students' French language knowledge/skills in preschool, primary and junior divisions. By the end of our program, students will be able to converse freely on familiar topics, read (with some occasional help of a dictionary, books, magazines and newspapers in French), and will be able to function with limited assistance in a French-speaking community! Successful candidates for the Kendellhurst Certificate of Advanced French Language must complete at least 4 years in our AFLP with a grade of B Plus or greater. Kendellhurst also offers a two week AFLP Summer Academy to assist students with successful candidacy! Learn more about our French Language Certificate Program on our Signature French Language web page.

Social Studies and Geography

This area of programming encompasses many subjects. From history and geography to community and family, your child will learn about the world beyond his/her ego. Local field trips will complement curriculum and show students new and different parts of life. Kendellhurst educators expose young minds to a variety of learning materials that communicate life from the microcosm (local) to the macrocosm (global) of the world. Concepts covered include people and families, education, work, food, shelter, vegetation, culture and festivities, geography, history, religions and traditions of the world, world and local politics, etc. Research and computer projects will help students acquire knowledge and develop skills such as inquiry and communication. Each grade has specific topics/themes covered per semester.

Social Communications

Becoming a part of the social world can be a daunting and somewhat awesome task for children. Every day we focus on proper manners and appropriate behaviour in a positive and friendly way. It is critical for students to learn that becoming a social being is hard work that happens every day. Life is about negotiating with other people. Speaking with students in an authoritative versus authoritarian manner allows them to see that a respectful environment engenders positive interactions. Our focus is on teaching young children, at a critical stage of development, how to reason and use good judgment. We encourage civil/social responsibility and democratic citizenship in our curriculum and school wide projects. Our school also embraces the Virtues Program.

Computers and Technology

Since technology is a part of our everyday lives, students learn how to create projects using technology as their friend. On-going projects are a part of our curriculum plan. From keyboarding skills to surfing the net for relevant information, students will see technology as part and parcel of school life. Additionally, students will have a chance to engage in educational software and create a variety of power point projects. Each classroom is equipped with its own computer centre, ensuring access is an immediate and on-going part of the daily curriculum.

The Arts (Visual, Music and Dramatic)


Learning themes are set out for the entire year. All art and craft projects relate back to the educational theme in a fun, creative/exploratory and very interesting and unique way! Students enjoy getting sticky and messy in this area of our programming. Students also explore and learn about the great artists of our times while creating their own art projects to take home. All projects follow the premise that art is a process of creation.


Music elevates the human soul to a cognitive and sensory level that heightens our understanding of the world. Choosing the appropriate melodies to achieve this goal is important in primary years learning. Moreover, on-going exposure to classical and jazz has proven to myelinate the synaptic functioning of the human brain. Simply put, exposure to complex melodies cultivates the intellectual capacity of children. Throughout our classrooms, you will hear the tunes of Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, Fitzgerald, Armstrong, etc. becoming a part of your child's inner workings.

Through formal instruction our kindergarten and primary grade children learn to play the recorder for personal enjoyment, also preparing for our winter and end-of-year productions. Our spotlight on music program also includes Global Voices in which the students learn songs from around the world, once again instilling an interest and love for music while preparing students for their end-of-year production. To complement our music curriculum, we have several local and varied musicians and vocal artists come in throughout the year.

As well, Kendellhurst offers a basic percussion program. Here, children learn about the individual sounds of simple instruments. How instruments work separately and together is important in understanding and hopefully choosing a favourite instrument to pursue throughout one's life.


We utilize our stage for formal productions twice a year. Our winter and end-of-the-year productions are student driven with teacher guidance and encouragement. We also have mini-production for events such as mothers' day, graduation, etc. Our students look forward to showing off their skills, abilities and talent! Our formal theatre arts curriculum encourages students to be assertive, cooperative and enjoy public speaking opportunities.

Physical Education

Kendellhurst offers indoor and outdoor physical activities that focus on hand-eye coordination, balance, spatial understanding/depth perception, and cooperative team sports/games. We also offer specialty classes like yoga, martial arts and tai chi as part of our signature curriculum. Guest speakers and instructors come in from various disciplines to teach and coach students on physical educational programs. This happens form kindergarten right through to all grade levels! Games and activities are a part of our outdoor programming as well. Our play yard is expansive for freedom of movement, and our yard supervision is always in place to ensure your child is cared for and safe.

We strive to promote healthy physical activity and education with our students. From active play to health education, we believe that a sound physical well being leads our students to greater joy in life. Our facility has a full in-door gymnasium, a soccer field, in/out door basketball nets and is adjacent to a full baseball diamond. Along with many other fun outdoor games and activities, our students enjoy a well-rounded curriculum plan:

  • Optional Spring Ice Skating (Recess and March break camp only)
  • Summer Swimming (summer camp only)
  • Soccer, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Tennis and Badminton
  • Cooperative and Team Oriented Games
  • Tai Chi, Yoga and Martial Arts (specialty, qualified instructors)
  • Track and Field
  • East Meets West Signature Program
  • Hip Hop Dance Signature Program (specialty, qualified instructor)

For our East Meets West physical education program once-a-month, we have a tai chi outfit. This uniform is available at a discounted rate through our main office. Our Hip Hop Dance, Signature Program is once-a-month.�This program often culminates into a winter/end-of-year performance piece! Students engage in a fun, choreographed and physically demanding workout! The program is taught by an experienced and knowledgeable dance instructor. The skating program runs in spring (March break camp only) at the Vic Johnston Community Centre and Arena in Streetsville. Students walk to the arena with their teacher. It is a five minute walk by foot from Kendellhurst Academy. For hygienic reasons, parents are asked to purchase skates, helmets and safety equipment for their child. Students are asked to dress appropriately in their gym or tai chi uniforms on posted physical education days. Thank you! We look forward to keeping fit while having fun!

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy parenting day to read this material. As parents, we sense and recognize the turmoil one feels when choosing the right school for your child. We understand how hard this choice is for you. Feel free to call our school and speak to staff about questions you may have regarding any aspect of school life, or your particular child's day. It is important for us to know that you are comfortable and confident with your choice in elementary schooling for your child. Please keep in mind, when you leave your child at Kendellhurst, the door does not close.

Paula Carrasco-Kendell, Hon. B.A., B. Ed., (OCT), M.A.T., M. Ed., School Owner-Director/Principal

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